July 1st, 2016

Story board artist

Job Description

The storyboard artist must be able to produce hand-drawn or computer-generated storyboards quickly, and must often be prepared to adapt them “on spec” with very short notice.

Key responsibilities:

  • Understand and interpret requirements from the film/advertising concept
  • Study the script to understand required mood and overall theme
  • Consider camera angles and lighting to be used in the storyboard presentation
  • Compose wireframe drawings from which the more detailed illustrations will be developed
  • Complete colour or monochrome storyboards in full for use by production staff
  • Edit storyboards and make changes as per the request of director or production team

Desired Skills & Experience

  • An ability to understand complex or ambiguous production instructions given to the artist in the initial meeting
  • A creative mind which can conjure new perspectives
  • A sympathetic approach to the time constraints of media production
  • Strong artistic ability, and knowledge of how to present visuals in a convincing way
  • Willingness to consider and learn different/new artistic styles outside the “comfort zone”
  • Strong understanding of computer design software suites, where appropriate
  • BFA Preferred.

Perks and Benefits:

  • Good compensation package with performance incentives
  • Complimentary best in class Health Insurance Benefits
  • A creative environment and a great place to work/learn
  • An opportunity to interact with like-minded people
  • Team-outings, Movies, Playstation and Foosball


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